Hay personas que quizás se olviden de lo que dijiste, incluso de lo que hiciste, pero jamás olvidarán cómo les hicisteis sentir

Sara! Thank you so much for your absolutely lovely and touching message.
Just catching up on everything now. WOW! What a wedding weekend.
It truly was fantastic. Oli and I were so happy. Our friends and family could feel the uniqueness of it all and had the best time.
Thank you to you and your team for helping us to pull off our ambitious plan!
I truly appreciate your insight, support and kindness throughout the whole thing.

Tiffany & Oliver

Sara where do we start with our wedding.
The venue, well it is the place dreams and fairytales are made of Finca Son Mir takes a normal day and makes it a magical movie! It takes you back in time whilst having the glam of today! The place
will be in my heart forever!
The catering, well I have been to top restaurants around the world and never had the quality of food and service that Fosh supply! Their professionalism shines through with every mouthful of food and every drink sipped.
The flowers and decor, they took my every vision and made it possible and better than I could of dreamed of.
The music, well Angel not only knows what he is doing but he is the best DJ I have ever heard! The dance floor was pumping and no one wanted him to stop! I adored him!
Photographer, well Aimee has taken two ordinary people and made us
magazine / movie stars! Her calming influence was refreshing and reassuring and to say myself and everyone else can’t wait to see the pictures is an understatement.
Jimmy the hairdresser, well 5hrs of laughter is how I would sum him up! He made the girls look beautiful and any picture showed to him he created and we topped off our love for him with him having selfies with us!! Jimmy you’re a legend that made the morning of my wedding!!!
Norbert, well we asked for a saxophonist and you produced a legend! His tone is mesmerising and he took a simple cocktail hour and added class, jazz and ambience!
Now the most important person… YOU Sara! You have been my rock for 2 years and gone above and beyond for myself and Oliver! You took two people from London and made them live a dream come true in Mallorca!
You made every single possible thing I want happen and not only that on the day took any stress away that could be there! I will love you forever Sara and you’re a friend for life! You’re professional, honest humble and generous with your time! Wedding Planner of the Century.
Now for the guests reactions… not only are they saying it is the best wedding they have ever been to, they are saying it’s the best day of their life! People are saying they felt privileged to be there and like they were starring in the best movie of all time!!
Thank You. We Love You… Liz, ollie and Harlyn.

Liz & Ollie

Thanks so much for everything Sara! It was a whirlwind that I have no doubt you were behind seamlessly controlling.
So many guests have written to me saying what a fantastic wedding it Was.
We had the best time.
My mum absolutely loved you too.
She couldn’t stop talking about you on Sunday.
Would you also be able to please thank Sonja for the FANTASTIC cake… oh my god.
Exceeded anything I could have imagined.
And tasted absolutely delicious, so many people came and complimented it!
And also a special big thank you to you and Toni for making the Lunes dream come true.

Hollie & Jacob

Sara stood out from the first telephone contact. She was genuinely interested in us and our aspirations and there was immediately a warmth from her.
Whilst other planners on our shortlist seemed only interested to discuss money and fees, Sara was keen to meet with us , understand what made us tick and highlight what she believed she could do for us.
Once engaged, her natural warmth, enthusiasm and linguistic ability, coupled with first class contacts, an excellent depth of knowledge of the Island it’s culture and facilities, and what could be offered absolutely shone through.
We had 2 visits to Majorca, during both of which we spent quite some time with Sara exploring options. We were very happy then, and with hind sight remain so, that we had explored all appropriate areas and that Sara had (gently) steered us to the right outcome for us.
We had just the most wonderful celebration that covered a dinner, boat trip and ceremony/reception at a beautiful location that totally suited us and fully met our aspirations. Great memories !
Thank you Sara for all your help, guidance and hard work. We wish you continued good fortune and success.

Sandy & Andrew

Dear Sara,

Thank you so much for all of your help over the past year and particularly for all your incredible help on Friday.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks again and I hope we can meet up when we come back to Mallorca in the summer!

Thank you.

Tom & Lindsey

Hi Sara,

We both cant thank you enough for such an amazing day. Our guests were blown away completely.

Thank you for details below.

We meant to email you before now but its been a crazy week. we are so grateful to you, everything was so perfect!

Please keep in touch and have a lovely weekend.

Eva & Will

We visited Majorca only once before we arrived to get married. How lucky for us that on that sole visit we met Sara. Our wedding was perfect, truly the most special time and it wouldn’t have happened so seemingly effortlessly without her careful, professional and relentless efforts. She put our minds at ease regularly throughout the year of planning preceding the wedding trip and nothing was ever too much trouble for her. She was fully involved, totally committed and full of information on anything we needed to know. We couldn’t recommend Sara enough as a wonderful, charismatic and energetic professional to make your wedding dreams come true in Majorca.

Vicki & Shaun

Thank you Sara

You did just a fabulous job. I can’t thank you enough for making it just lovely & unforgettable.

Take care and talk to you soon.

Jamie & Chuck

Hi Sara
I will miss you very much.

Your planning and your love for our family certainly came to fruition on the day.

If you want a London assistant I’m there for you thank you for everything.

With love Lorraine


Hi Sara,

I wanted to write to you to say thanks for the organisation, and all the effort that you put on our special day. Must accept I had a lot of stres before how would everything going to be etc, but it was all so wonderful, like a dream we had so much fun, it was everything we imagined for us, no natural suprises, cosy and happy, everybody had so much fun. So thanks for helping us organising our happy day!!!

I am so happy with everything from last night!

Modena & Erlind

We are still on cloud 9… our day was more than we could have ever imagined! Thank you

Without you this would never have been possible!!!

All our guests were blown away! Us too so thank you again. the decor, dj, Food, service everything was just Perfect!

Just a quick one to say thanks for the most amazing day. We can’t tell u how happy we are.

Cara & Chris

Hi Sara,
We just wanted to say thanks very much for everything you have done for us over the past year or so. The day was absolutely perfect and I don’t think we could have asked for any more.

Both you and Ars Festum helped us put our day together and we couldn’t imagine how good it actually looked. Everything was stunning.

If there’s anything you need from us (like a testimonial for your website,etc) please just let us know as we would only be too happy do it and make sure any couples looking to get married in Mallorca in the future make the right choice.

Thanks again Sara, we have appreciated everything.

Kris & Aisha Hendry

We’re still on such a high since our fairytale Wedding!

THANK YOU again for making all our dreams come true. It truly was the best day of our lives and have so many priceless memories to treasure forever!

There’s only one you lovely lady and we were so very lucky to find you. Wish we had longer here as would have been nice to see you before we go. Not to worry we will no doubt be back again soon and look forward to continuing the celebrations next time. Lots of love from Mr & Mrs ridiculously happy Stewart!

Mr & Mrs Stewart

What a day!!!! Sorry its taken me until now to get to you but we have just been on cloud nine since! just kept crying all day yesterday because i was so happy!

Everyone was absolutely perfect, Angel is the best dj ever!! He was so so good
and Adrian our Sax guy was so brilliant. Jonas and Esther are such amazing guys, Fosh are outstanding and Ars Festum turned our venue into an absolute dream.

Literally couldn’t have had a more perfect day….well only that it wasnt over so fast!

Thank you Sara


Hey Sara, random message but just sat on a plane and watched our wedding videoyou gave us a wonderful day – eternally grateful, hope you are well

Pete & Bekkie

My lovley Sara!

Word can’t describe How happy We are and How much We Love you!

You made our dream come true!

Thank you so much!

Hellin & Martin

Dear Sara,
Our wedding was true holidays for all!
Misson accomplished.
So many good moments and lot of memories.
Everything was perfect, better than what we expected.
You can’t imagine how everyone was happy.
Thank you for all and thank you for your work.
Happy to see you soon in Marrakech.

Arthur & Alix

Seems yesterday that we started sharing emails and planning that big day with you, now, it is a fact that we feel happy together and that the memory of that day keeps special in our minds and hearts.


Dina & Gio

Mi querida Sara
Muchas gracias en especial a ti, pero también a todo tu equipo y proveedores, hazles saber que todo fue tal y como lo soñamos, y absolutamente coordinado hiciste posible un lindo y inolvidable día para Steffi y todos nosotros.

nos llevamos los mejores recuerdos de Mallorca y en especial de toda esa gente linda que nos ayudó con tanto interés y cariño. Ya sabes mi Sara tienes unos nuevos amigos en Bogota, y espero de verdad, volver a verte en alguna oportunidad.

Con todo nuestro cariño y agradecimiento
– Ana Maria-

Hola Sara!

Sara, antes que todo quisiera agradeceros inmensamente por toda vuestra ayuda y disposición!! Nuestra boda debía ser el mejor día de nuestras vidas y lo fue gracias al apoyo y servicio tuyo, de tus ayudantes y todos los proveedores.

Mallorca, Cap Rocat, Mahres y todo fue sencillamente espectacular y quedará en nuestros corazones.

Seguro que volveremos y te escribiremos para tomarnos un café.

Recibe un abrazo muy afectuoso!

Felipe & Stefanie

Thank you so very much for all of your help.

Should I know anyone considering marrying in Majorca I will without a doubt point them in your direction. Your help, knowledge and communication has been 5 star service!

All the best and kindest regards,

Sophia & Stuart

Fue la mejor decisión que tomamos después de la de decidir casarnos. Nos ayudó, nos dio ideas, se amoldó a todas nuestras necesidades y desde el primer momento captó la esencia de lo que queríamos. 100% recomendable.

Daniel & Gemma